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Closed Terrariums



  • Never leave your terrarium to dry out completely.

  • Look for moisture on the leaves, soil and on the glass.

  • You will want your terrarium to be moist but not too wet.

  • Only use bottled, distilled or rainwater. If using tap water, it needs to be left out for a minimum of 24hrs to allow chlorine to evaporate


  • Keep your terrarium in a bright spot with filtered light
    (Away from direct sunlight)


  • Remove any dead or fallen leaves to prevent rot and keep your terrarium happy.

  • If there is too much moisture on the glass and the terrarium is completely foggy, use a paper towel to gently eliminate some of the moisture.

  • Dont take the lid off your terrarium (Unless to water or clean glass). Leaving the lid off for an extended period will disturb the natural ecosystem your terrarium has created.

Care Tips - Closed Terrarium: FAQ
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