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Seeking an enjoyable experience in Sydney's West for the kids? Join Plant With Cass and let your little ones have a blast at one of our exciting workshops!

"Green Thumb Kids: Where Your Child Crafts Their Own Tropical Terrarium Masterpiece!"

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Reserve a spot on our waitlist.


For ages 7-12 an adult is required to stay for the duration of the workshop, you may need to support or assist your child when required during the workshop. The supervising adult is not required to pay.

Didn't secure a spot? Reserve a spot on our waitlist.

Ever wondered about tiny gardens in a glass jar?

Terrariums are like that, and they're perfect for your child's room because they don't need lots of attention – they practically take care of themselves!

What if your child could learn, be creative, and create something unique for themselves or someone special?

Join the fun and discover how your child can create an awesome tropical terrarium, uniquely theirs!

Did you know that participating in a tropical terrarium class can benefit your child's development?

Your child can learn about ecosystems and how plants and nature work together in this exciting class.

Ready to see your child's face light up with excitement and knowledge?

In this class, we'll guide your child through all the steps to build their very own tropical terrarium, sharing secrets to keep it healthy and happy. They'll learn how different elements in the terrarium create a mini ecosystem, helping them understand the natural world better.

Wondering what your child will take home from this experience?

The best part is, your child gets to take their mini ecosystem home with them when we're done, along with a bunch of new knowledge and skills!

What to wear

This workshop could get a little messy so please dress your child appropriately or bring an apron.

What we provide

  • Glass container with lid - Typically around 1L in size. Style of container is subject to availability​.

  • x1 tropical plants

  • Mesh

  • Horticultural Charcoal

  • Terrarium potting soil

  • Pebbles/sand

  • Decorative pieces

  • Disposable gloves

  • All tools to make your terrarium

Nature Class





Anisah G

I attended a Terrarium workshop with Cass and had the best time! She is friendly, knowledgeable and created an inviting atmosphere where we could be creative, hands on and relaxed. We all went home with our unique masterpieces to enjoy at home.
Also, love that she is set up in Western Sydney.
Thanks Cass!

Amy Vu

From stepping into a warmly lit garden oasis, to leaving with a little living ecosystem in your hands - the entire experience was so fun with a sprinkle of magic. Cass prepared everything so it would run smoothly, there were so many types of decorations and plants to choose from! She is such a lovely person to connect with that it just felt like hanging out with a friend and having a great time throughout. She puts in every effort to make this night memorable and decorated the setting for my birthday, It's really about the small details and it shows how much attention she puts in. I'm planning on another visit soon!"

Leearna Borg

This class was a fun night team bonding experience! Cass was so knowledgeable and the whole class was really well-paced. We were able to fully customise the terrarium with our choice of plants, rocks, shells and other goodies. The steps were made really clear about what we need to do to keep these little ecosystems thriving at home too. I feel confident I may actually be able to keep this one alive!! Thanks Cass and Liz for a wonderful night!

Angela Cameron

From the moment you wander down the path lit by fairy lights you know you have arrived at a garden lovers paradise. Cass has created a beautiful space where she imparts her knowledge on all things terrariums. The workshop was really interesting and interactive as we were shown step by step how to make our glass jar miniature garden. We got to be creative with a wide range of decorative items and left feeling confident our mini greenhouses would survive as Cass provided lots of care tips. Highly recommend this workshop for a fun night no matter how plant challenged you are!

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